MDF panels are smooth, dense, easy to shape, cut, and finish. They are ideal for furniture, cabinetry, and interior construction due to stable dimensions, resistance to warping, precise detailing, and seamless finish when painted or laminated.


Excellent machinability
Smooth dense surface
Ideal for painting, staining, laminate or veneer application.

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Our certifications


McCorry is FSC® chain of custody certified to supply products with FSC® 100% and FSC® Mix claims.


It is a supply chain security program in cooperation with US Customs and Border Protection. McCorry is validated for Level II.


The GFS Wood Tracking program is an additional certification program.

Greenhouse gas certification

McCorry's office operations in Malaysia and Mexico are now certified carbon neutral.

Sabah Timber Industries Association

In Malaysia, McCorry is registered as an ordinary member of the Sabah Timber Industries Association.

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