When McCorry began business, one of its core values was that it would adopt an Environmental Purchasing Policy that we would trade in products that were sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers, be they wood processors or forest concessionaires.

To achieve this, McCorry obtained a FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. In addition, McCorry is participating with Global Forestry Services (GFS) in their Wood Tracking programme.

To differentiate McCorry from other Wood and Timber suppliers, McCorry has also adopted a strong quality assurance approach. You will find that McCorry has its own team of timber graders at supplier facilities certifying that all products are produced to the standard specified by our customers.
Other initiatives, McCorry has undertaken to invest in Research and Development. These programmes have been aimed at increasing usable wood from raw materials and identifying other commercially viable products that can increase the raw material yield.