McCorry recently participated in Sabah Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade ( FLEGT ) Stakeholders Consultations Meeting 2016.

This meeting was held to discuss the revision to the Principle 5 and 6 of the Sabah Timber Legality System (TLAS) presented by the Sabah Forestry Department and 3rd party auditor Global Forestry Service (GFS).GFS is McCorry’s auditor under the Wood Tracking Program.

The revision of Principle 5 was made on logs input and output of the mill operations and Principle 6 covered revisions on import regulations on trade and customs requirement.

The TLAS system is the state of Sabah’s 3rd party verified system on legality and sustainability of forest based commodities. It begins with sustainable management of the forest and tracks the wood in the form of logs to the mill and the processing of the logs, up to finished products that is being either exported or sold in the domestic market.