The McCorry Group is committed to reducing the environmental impacts caused by its operations as a supplier and a producer of predominantly timber-based products for various industries.

We recognize our responsibility to the staff, the local community and to the wider community including customers and suppliers, to operate in a socially, environmentally conscious and responsible manner by:

  • Working with others to ensure the development and operation of a sustainable forest industry. For Controlled Wood, we strictly exclude:
    1. Illegal harvested wood;
    2. Natural forest that has been converted to plantations or non-forest use;
    3. Threatened High Conservation Value Forests;
    4. Traditional or civil rights violation;
    5. Genetic modified trees
  • Committing to responsible purchasing of products. McCorry Group participate and continue to receive certification from;
    1. Global Forestry Trade Network (WWF GFTN);
    2. Global Forestry Services Inc (GFS);
    3. Forest Stewardship Council A.C (FSC®)
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and government policy;
  • Supporting certification principles and criteria and the certification of its supply sources. The Group through its subsidiary, McCorry & Co. Ltd. is a FSC® accredited.
  • Promoting research and development (R&D) to improve yields and produce higher quality products by applying new technology. R&D initiatives are focused on reducing stress on forests and the environment;
  • Dealing with suppliers who are environmentally conscious and responsible. Any suppliers that cannot document their products will be phase out from our Good Suppliers List;
  • Actively supporting suppliers in setting reforestation policy and getting credible certification;
  • Conducting regular performance audits to ensure that environmental commitments have been met or exceeded
  • McCorry Group supports the concepts of Carbon Neutral Wood and is actively pursuing certification